KCS Athletic Training

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The Dobyns-Bennett High School Athletic Training Department's goal is to provide excellence in healthcare services to KCS and DBHS student-athletes. By utilizing a multi-disciplinary healthcare providers, the treatment and therapy protocols used will be based on sound medical and rehabilitative principles, taking into consideration both the personal and team goals of each student-athlete.
The Athletic Training Room features:
  • Treatment area
  • Taping area
  • Hydrotherapy Room
  • Rehabilitation Area (leg press, hamstring curl/extension, high/seated row, treadmill, stair master, rebounder, bosu ball, balance boards, range of motion equipment, small hand/ankle weights, exercise tubing)
  • Doctor's exam room
  • First Aid counter
Contact us when you experience:
  • Uncertainty about the severity of your injury or how to care for it
  • Tenderness to the touch or red streaks spreading from the injury site
  • Re-injury to a previously injured body part
  • Inability to move or bear weight on injured body part
Please contact Kevin TrivetteAthletic Trainer at (423) 378.8537 or with questions regarding sports medicine or athletic training.