Athletics Training Room Policy & Procedures

athletics training room procedures

  1. All injured or ill athletes must report between 7-7:30 a.m. It is your responsibility to check in during morning treatment. If you do not show for morning treatment, you will be treated as if you missed practice by your coach. If you fail to report in the morning for treatment, it will be assumed that you are healthy and you will be expected to participate at the next scheduled practice. There is no excuse to miss treatment unless it is an emergency.
  2. No smoking, dipping, and/or chewing is allowed. (School Wide Rule)
  3. No headgear of any kind (male or female), cleats, equipment, or dirty gear is to be worn in the athletic training room.
  4. D-B Athletic Training Room is a co-ed facility. Proper dress is required for treatment. Please dress in T-shirt and Shorts for treatment.
  5. The athletic training room operates on a first-come first-serve basis. Come early to avoid the rush.
  6. Report all injuries immediately. New injuries or illness must be reported before 8:00 a.m. the following school day in order for the athletic trainer to report your progress to your head coach.
  7. You are responsible for getting your taping and treatments done in time for the start of school and for all practices. Remember, you are never late to school or practice because you were detained in the athletic training room, you simply did not get there early enough.
  8. Appropriate treatment for any and all musculoskeletal injuries will be decided upon by the sports medicine team.
  9. Continue all treatment until the athletic trainer releases you. Do not stop treatments because your injury feels better. If you miss a treatment, we will assume your injury is healed.
  10. Injuries not sustained during team functions are not the financial responsibility of the athletic department.
  11. Injured players are expected to report to each practice session. There is no excuse for missing practice unless it is an emergency. Injuries or an illness requiring missed practice time must be excused by the head coach or athletic trainer prior to practice time.